We're excited to now be offering our beautiful stands for rent as part of our dessert displays.  See below for options and pricing.  Delivery and set-up are available.  Find out more information on our Event Styling page or contact us for a full quote.

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take note:

Display rentals are for local customers only.  

All items are to be returned within one week in original packaging and in clean condition.

Deposits are fully refundable upon return of clean, undamaged items.

3-Tier Wooden Cake Pop/Dessert Stand

This 3 Tier-Wooden Cake Pop/Dessert stand is perfect for cake pops, cupcakes or both!

  • Holds up to 300 cake pops total (right-side up or upside down)

  • Holds up to 200 standard size cupcakes (using all 3 tiers) or 300 mini cupcakes (as pictured)

Rental: $65 + $125 deposit (Replacement fee is $250)

3 + 4 Tier Rustic Wood Dessert Display

These two rustic wood dessert displays are handcrafted and custom-made. They are made of solid, real wood.
  • 3 Tier Stand holds up to 70 cake pops/mini cupcakes (as pictured)
  • 4 Tier Stand holds up to 80 cake pops/mini cupcakes (as pictured)

Rental for both stands: $75 + $100 deposit (Replacement fee is $150)

3-Tier Cake Stand Dessert Display​

​This glass triple stack of cake stands is perfect for cupcakes, cake pops (upside-down only), or other desserts.  Separate cake stands out for less extravagant affairs.

  • Tiers measure 7.5", 10.6" and 12.9"

  • Holds up to 24 cupcakes

  • Holds up to 36 cake pops (upside down)

Rental: $35 + $60 deposit (Replacement fee is $100)

Simply White Cake Pop Display​

​These white wooded cake pop stands are perfect to display cake pops are your next event. 


There are 3 sizes available:

  • Skinny Mini--holds 6 cake pops ($8 with $16 deposit [$32  replacement fee])

  • Mini--holds 12 Cake Pops $10 with $20 deposit [$40 replacement fee])

  • Standard--holds 24 cake pops ($15 with $30 deposit [$50 replacement fee])

Simply White Serving Tray Display​

​These two ceramic serving dishes are perfect for cupcakes, cake pops (upside-down only), or other desserts.

  • Larger Tray holds up to 20 cupcakes or 30 cake pops (upside down)

  • Smaller Tray Holds up to 12 cupcakes or 24 cake pops (upside down)

Rental: $25.00 + $30 deposit (Replacement fee is $60)


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